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Steam generator The first affordable steam generator, that suffices to quickly and economically extract the wax from honey combs.

This steam generator is imperative, if the former world first HAMAG wax extractor is used.



Power 6000 W at 400 V AC

Full steam from cold start in less than 4 min

When starting up again after a prior melting process immediately steam in 3 to 5 seconds.

Steam flow approximately 7..8 liters water / hour.

Works completely pressureless.

At lack of water: fault lamp and

automatic heater turn off.

Automatically controlled water inflow with for steam consumed water.

No water connection required.

Water tank suffices for approximately 2 hours permanent operation.

Any time refillable during the steaming.

Made of stainless steel.

Small dimensions, portable, usable everywhere.


Dimensions: length 62 cm, width 25 cm, height 48 cm

Weight: 11,9 Kg

Wax yield rate of over 95 %


Performance characteristics wax extractor with steam generator when melting 90..240 combs per hour.


  • Heating time of steam generator from cold start less than 4 min.

  • With every other melting process approximately 3..5 seconds.

  • Melting process (steaming) for 12..14 complete Zander combs approximately 4.5 min + 1.5 min final spinning. Results in a overall process duration of approximately 6 min.

  • Work time per comb 26..30 seconds.

  • Electricity costs per hour at 15 ct / KWh = 6 KW * 0.15 € = € 0.90

  • Electricity costs per comb per hour at 15 ct / KWh = 0.64..0.75 ct.