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Wax extractor Combined Honey harvest machine and spin capping wax remover.

Wachsschleuder komplett
Edelstahlkessel innen
Trägerplatte für Lochblechkorb

The problem of all beekeepers are the old honey combs.

Therefore we have designed a machine to quickly, cleanly and economically extract around 95% of the wax from the old combs by melting and spinning.


The wax basket made of stainless steel is rectangular and fits comb dimensions up to a height of 320 mm (depending on the frame's size this corresponds to 12 to 24 pieces).

This way most common comb sizes across Europe are covered.



Dadant (height 285 mm) fits. Deutsch Normal one and a half (height 338 mm) requires a special model.

Operation & Properties

Cut combs, cover wax or wax blocs can be melted.


Because the steam volume in the boiler has been designed as small as possible, the electric heating requires mere 6 KW of power.

No manual refilling of water is required, because it flows in automatically while the water is consumed to ensure permanent steam availability during the approximately 2 hours that are required to de-wax e.g. either 160 entire Zander combs or approximately 320 Half-frames.


Nevertheless water can be filled into the vaporizer at any time during the operation, because the system works entirely pressure free.


The capacity can be increased with a second basket.


  • Put combs into the perforated metal basket until it is full.
  • Close the lid.
  • Start the steam generation (water boiling).
  • Once the wax starts melting and exits the drain tap (after approximately 4.5 min), the machine is started.

    After another 1.5 min with ongoing steam generation, wax and pomace are separated.

  • Now the machine is stopped and the steam generator turned off. The motor brakes the Wax basket and after approximately 15s (brake time of the motor) the basket can be removed.

  • The empty frames are removed, the pomace losened with a trowel and tipped out the container to allow refilling it.

  • While the next batch of frames are in the steam treatment (the above mentioned 4.5 min) the preceding, finished frames can be fully cleaned.


    When using 2 baskets, just exchange the entire basket to save time and energy.



This is the only process that spins the complete frames with the combs.


  • The holding wire that stabilizes the hony combs' wax stays intact. No wire repair required!
  • One can utilize only own wax, because the wax retrieval even for the oldest combs lays far above 50 % above the wax demand for new middle walls.

  • The frames and wax at 100 °C are largely disinfected.

  • It doesn't matter if the combs are old, contain food residues, crystallized honey or pollen. All is melted and separated after cooling.

Perhaps the most compelling advantage therefore is that at all times more wax than will ever be required is availble, creating a self-sustained, ecological system.


What to do with the molten wax?

The molten wax may be drained into a 40 Kg hobbock. After cooling the water can be poured off and - if desired - the wax bloc can be retreated in the machine to remelt it. Be careful to prevent spinning (keep the motor off) due to the danger of imbalance.


The Result


Because of the set 200..250 rotations per minute, all parts besides the fluid wax are kept back and the wax stays yellow and clean. The residue (pomace) is dry and no longer sticky. It has a residual content of less than 5 % wax.

A wax results that is clean, without impurities.