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Facettenkopf XV NOVA

Multi faceted head XV NOVA

Article no.: 1260

Faceting head with angle scale and pointer, height adjusting mechanism, base and holding bar diameter 15 mm, stainless.
The 16 partitions disc is adjustable and suitable for all facet cuts with index 64 (shaft diameter of the Dopp pin 8 mm).
The board may be polished without reclamping with 0 degrees (see instructions in the book "Edle Steine schleifen").

Can be mounted to all HAMAG gemstone grinding machines as well as machines of different construction.

Includes base, holding bar 15 mm Ø and height fine tuner, 16 partitions disc and bolts M 10 for fixing.

from 1 from € 420.00 Incl. 19.00% VAT