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Special head for thin section

Article no.: 1250

For sawing and fine grinding of thin sections on the glass support to few hundredth milli meters thickness, with diamond discs or a cast iron disc with grinding powders.
The thin sections are used for photo slides or micro-photographs.

Suitable for all Lapida machines, the multi-faceting unit of the multimotors and for device of different type of construction. The thin section arm rails with an adjustable brass bushing on a thrust (purely axial or axial-radial) bearing.

Complete with foot stand, Holding bar diameter 20 mm, axial bearing and height fine tuner stainless steel, 10 glass support sheets (27 x 46) mm and bolts M10 for fixing including washers.

from 1 from € 231.00 Incl. 19.00% VAT